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    Updated -- working on solution -- see below

    I just upgraded from Windows 7 on my Dell Optiplex 755. My user account works fine and I have two other family members on the machine. Their accounts screw up: After an initial start that looked fine, both of them lost the ability to use the start button and apps like Edge, Photo, etc etc -- in short, all the new Microsoft stuff. Old programs seem to work OK. If they click on the start button you briefly see the circle spin around like it tried and failed. If they open Edge or Photo the program pops open for a second and shuts down. If they click on a photo to open in Photo, they get a message that the app failed to start.
    I had tinkered with their share settings a little to set up the home network.
    So, I tried setting up a new user account and migrating them over but no luck: Last night I set up an account, everything but Edge worked fine -- it still came up and disappeared -- but that's OK we've got Chrome and Firefox too. But this morning, the start button on that new account had died and that account was like the others.
    I have tried making another user an administrator in hopes that would cure but it didn't work.
    My account still works fine.
    Anybody have a clue? Anyone else experiencing this?

    Update: The only commonality I've been able to find is that the problem crops up anytime I try to set sharing permissions in my home network. Treat that as provisional, though.
    This seems to work better for setting up shares: Create an administrator account, and from there go into the Administration section of Control Panel. Open Computer Management and the subsection for users. For the screwed up accounts, create new users (I can't fix the screwed up account problems). Then go back out to the start screen and log in that new user. Wait until it sets up, then go back as Administrator and into Computer Management and look under sharing. From there you can add the new users and set up share permissions.
    SO FAR it has not resulted in the app crashes mentioned earlier. SO FAR!!!
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