1. QilleRz's Avatar

    I don't know if this is only me or not, but my Voice Recorder app cannot be started. Here I included all the screenshots of the weird behavior of this Voice Recorder app in Store page.

    At first, when I search Voice Recorder and open the store page, it will show downloading, then after that an update button appear, after I click that update button it will show small download icon at the top left side of my account profile picture. After a short while it'll disappear and still Voice Recorder app cannot be opened. This weird behavior keep repeating every time I open the Voice Recorder store page.

    Using Windows 10 Home. Restart still no luck and no uninstall option as this is build in app. Any workaround anyone?
    08-01-2015 12:33 PM
  2. dinesh84d's Avatar
    Same here, u r not alone
    09-04-2015 07:12 PM

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