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    Ok after sorting out the Nvidia issues i noticed tablet mode was turned off
    I goggled it and found nothing of any good
    Now i have two monitors my main is a Touch screen and my second is a Ultra wide screen for work all seemed ok until i tried the touch screen
    i then get a message saying tablet mode disabled due to multiple monitors ???
    Now i tried the Last Beta Build and that was fine so much so i could have the tiles just on my touch and my desktop on the wide screen
    On 8.1 it also worked
    so onto the phone and i have had loads of engineers i have even showed them to be greeted with oh not seen that before
    this also happens if you have a touch laptop and plug this into a projector.
    Laptop tried at first to blame Nvidia so i told them my laptop had AMD graphics and thats the same
    so that its now left open with no answer so i have removed 10 for now until they sort this out
    08-01-2015 03:31 PM

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