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    God knows how this passed me by - I've bee an Insider since day 1 but have kept it's use to a spare laptop rather than my main machine.

    My main machine makes full use of, and is tightly integrated to OneDrive. I've got all my key folders (Documents, Music, Pictures, Favourites - even Desktop) all redirected to OneDrive.

    It works perfectly, my man PC and tablet are both in sync and my unlimited storage with O365 means that I can keep an eye on all my files from a familiar interface.

    Need to rebuild my laptop - no problem, simply re-install and repoint my folders. It's been that simple!

    Now I understand that for some people "smart files" or "placeholders" may be confusing and having OneDrive work in a way that doesn't confuse, upset or enrage these users is fine. But for the rest of us... Please... Just give us back our Placeholders!

    It makes OneDrive almost useless for me now. Where as I didn't have to worry about how or when a file was being backed up to the cloud, now I have to open Edge and manually upload the files - including waiting for them to finish before being certain they are there and allow me to power down the laptop.

    Windows 10 has done a lot to give control/power back to the users. Microsoft need to do the same with OneDrive. Bring back the 8.1 version, but make it "opt in" for those that get it.

    Until then, Windows 10 is staying side lined. I'll claim my free upgrade, but won't be using it on my daily personal laptop!


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