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    I know there have been problems with videos in Win 10.

    When I first got it running, I was disappointed that the Netflix app seemed to be a victim of the problem.
    However, in trying to diagnose why a Vimeo hosted video would play sound but not images, I opened Netflix via Edge and now the Win10 Netflix app runs.

    I've tested YouTube videos and they seem to run fine in all browsers.

    So, why wouldn't Vimeo videos not run in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge?
    Why would the Netflix app suddenly start working? (Don't believe there have been any updates since 07/29.)
    Chrome can't even load the video - just get the animation in the tracking bar. Edge and Firefox play sound but have no video.

    I have run a driver update.
    Using a Toshiba L755D-S5106 with AMD Radeon HD 6520G
    08-02-2015 12:24 PM

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