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    Good day, so... Last night, I was playing a game (2D fighter, not really cpu or gpu intensive) I was pretty surprised by the fact that the game started running at about 1 or 0 fps, I thought well what the hell just happened? And after a while of fighting my computer (because it was running at 3 fps as well), I managed to open the task manager, and boy oh boy was there a surprise, my RAM consumption was up by 95% (I have 8 GBs so that never happens with videogames), and when I sorted the programs by RAM usage, I found this:

    htt p://puu.sh/jmIKr/61e6733779.jpg <-- Bigger image but I don't have link privileges

    Incredible. I pushed the shutdown button on my case so after I clicked on "End task" the computer started shutting down. So when I restarted Edge, and since I have the option of continuing my last session enabled, it turned out to be MEGA's fault. Yes indeed, I'd been downloading a +-450MB voice pack for that game I was playing and apparently Edge did not like it.

    They really need to fix it, I mean that memory leak is worse than any leak Chrome could give me!
    I just want to warn people that if you're gonna download from there, you should do just that in another browser :P
    08-02-2015 12:48 PM

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