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    Hey all,

    So I was one of those who was battling to get the 10 update to install. I setup Windows 7 on a spare partition just for the RTM upgrade, keeping it out of the preview program (I just want the one I will use to be final code, not beta code). No matter all the tricks I tried, cleaning out the download folder and running that command, it would start downloading but, end up failing. After trying about 5 different tricks (pretty much all of them were about the same).

    So, from a MVP post on the Microsoft forums, they suggest to download it from here and kick of upgrade this computer option.


    It downloads a small program, Select "upgrade this computer" then it will download everything again and install. I tried this on the last attempt and it worked flawlessly first shot. Activated and kept all my old files.

    This was done on a CLEAN install of Windows 7 ultimate x64 (nothing installed, not even anti-virus software)

    You can ALSO make an ISO off this download so you can do a clean install.

    Warning: this did not show incompatibly issues and that Windows Media Center would be removed (something I am still ticked off about ) but, it does install and upgrade your computer to Windows 10.

    Enjoy !
    08-02-2015 02:39 PM

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