1. Lorenzo van Duyse's Avatar
    After i updated to window 10 i restarted my pc and when i tried to log in to my Outlook pc account it Said it was wrong and than it says That i can change my password on account.live.com/password/reset. And i have Donne That and on my phone it says my new password is correct but on my pc it says it is wrong so i cant go on my pc account this is so sad if i can't figure out what my password is than i have wasted 800$ on a pc That i can't log in to So please help me out!!!
    08-03-2015 04:59 AM
  2. Lorenzo van Duyse's Avatar
    08-03-2015 05:46 AM
  3. yuanylee's Avatar
    Generally, Windows 10 update would not change the login password, but now many users reported this. in this case, the best solution is to reset or bypass Windows 10 password and then login to your computer with a new password or without password. you can choose the traditional method, i.e. a password reset disk, or choose a professional Windows password recovery tool to solve this.
    08-07-2015 02:00 AM

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