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    After playing with Windows 10 since launch night. I've been trying to figure out all of the backup/recovery options built in but only with a little success. I know what most of them do. But I don't know and can't figure out when to use what option and why or the hows.


    In System Restore - System Security - Advanced System Settings - System Protection - You have two available options which System Restore can use C-Drive or PBR image that you can turn on or off with each and configure how much space to use with each.

    This has me confused on whats the difference between system restore on the c-drive and system restore pbr image. I know pbr is push button reset I'm assuming goes together with reset this pc or restore this pc. But how do you know how much to use or what. And why is there 2 options and when should you use them.

    Than we have the other options.

    Create a recovery drive which I am currently doing that says it needs up 16 GB of space on my usb drive which I'm assuming by the size is the closest thing to a complete System image without the library files correct. Since that size is huge.

    Now we have 2 other options.

    Create System Image (I know is a complete duplicate of your pc basically and its gigantic, what one would use which switching to a new ssd or new harddrive to save time)
    Create System Repair Disk - I understand this is what the title says but whats the difference in this and the Recovery drive I mentioned above and why would one make this if they have system protection turned on.

    We all know about File History and OneDrive which not sure why both of these exist at the same time either. Since they basically do the same thing of course. Since file history saves what you have in libraries which is pretty much what people use OneDrive for also.

    Now I'm just irritated with the lack of explanations or reasons for so many different options in different areas of windows 10 and why.

    A normal novice or even intermediate user would be at a loss on all these options. Its like a windows team of like 10 were each told to individually create some type of program related to backup and restoring of files. And no matter what each of the 10 people came up with. That program will be put into the OS in different categories with a little bit of an explanation.

    I think theres a huge difference between knowing what each thing does and when and why to use each thing. Which I can't figure out.

    If my computer screws up I want to be able to fix it. I don't want to have to search google for 10 hours looking at what i can do or can't do because used this and didn't use that,etc or have 100GB of hardrive space taken up buy 5 different backup/restore options because I didn't know which one I can use in what scenario.

    Is anybody else baffled by this and why there is so many different options.

    Also to add, I wasn't able to create a system repair disk or image on usb or hard disk for whatever reason it just wouldn't take but recovery drive on usb did. Which is fine. Since I'll have something on usb and whatever System Protection is actually doing saving files on my hard drive. I have pbr image off because I already have 3gb of space taken up with system protection on c-drive.

    Anybody wanna chime in. I'm all ears and definately willing to learn and listen to reason. I've been researching countless hours on all options listed above and still baffled, lol.

    08-03-2015 09:29 AM

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