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    1. Add Home button to Edge
    Lets start-> Click 3dots on the left panel with Edge then choose settings->advanced settings-> enable Home button. here, you can set some feature ex : block pops up ; enable adobe flash ...

    2. Import favourite or reading list from other web browsers
    You can have the favourite website on the other web browsers, then you want to import this one into Edge.
    I will import bookmark frome google chrome into the edge-> let's see it. then you can see my book mark on google chrome,then I import this to edge
    we go to third tip now
    3. How to set multiple homepages in Edge browser
    You can setting up your homepage as you want-> ex: google.com. ok then you need restart edge .

    4. Enable and Manage Passwords & Form-fill in Edge browser
    You want to see saved password in previous login.
    5. Open web page in IE
    Last one, if you open the website and the website incompatible with edge (plugin or addon) you can open it by IE on the edge.
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