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    I don't think we need 3D Touch. Wait, let me finish. I think the reason why Microsoft thought of adding 3D touch to the OS is to add another layer of interaction. So far, we can only tap or tap+hold. They probably thought hovering a finger over the tile is the way to go. But I don't see it very useful, especially to those people with shaky hands. Even if you don't have shaky hands, trying to not touch the phone while walking or when you are mobile is kinda hard.

    My suggestion? Single tap to show sub-tiles (e.g. volume, skip controls for the Groove app, etc), double tap to open app. Once the sub tiles are shown, background should be dimmed, or blurred (the ability to choose between the two would be nice).

    Its very simple really. We're already used to double-clicking icons on PCs to open applications. This is a much simpler approach than 3D Touch, and we don't probably need extra hardware to have this feature. Existing phones will be able to enjoy it as well. Unless MS wants 3D Touch for us to buy new phones with new hardware to somehow increase market share. Sound off below if you agree or disagree.
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    08-04-2015 07:59 AM

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