1. jjefff's Avatar
    I just installed Windows 10 and have some questions about the Edge Browser.

    1. How can I open 2 or more Edge browsers? In IE 11, I just right click on the taskbar icon and click on IE to open an additional browser. In Edge, when I right click on the icon, and click on Microsoft Edge, it won't open an additional browser.

    2. In IE 11, I use the dropdown address bar arrow most often to bring up the 15 or so websites I go to most often. That way, I can sit back in my chair and use just my mouse. I don't see a dropdown address bar in Edge? Is it there and I'm just missing it? I did add my sites to the favorites bar but still prefer the dropdown address bar of IE 11.

    08-04-2015 10:09 AM
  2. Zachary Boddy's Avatar
    1. Navigate to the ellipsis in the upper-right corner. The very first option is to open a New Window with the second option being an InPrivate Window.
    2. When you click on the address bar it should come down automatically and display your most used sites. However, as of now there's no way to see recent sites just by using the address bar. You could, alternatively, navigate to the menu that looks like three lines of different lengths near the ellipsis I just told you about. From here you can look at your Favorites, your Reading List, your History and your Downloads, in that order.
    Last edited by Zachary Boddy; 08-04-2015 at 10:51 AM. Reason: I removed a few "s'". Thank me later.
    08-04-2015 10:50 AM
  3. jjefff's Avatar
    1. Works perfectly...thanks!
    2. Clicking on the address bar does nothing. Still looking for a solution for this.
    08-04-2015 11:06 AM
  4. Zachary Boddy's Avatar
    Unfortunately, it's not been built into Edge yet. We as a community are expecting many large changes and improvements for Edge later this year if you want to wait a little while.
    08-04-2015 12:22 PM

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