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    Hello, Ive had a completely frustrating week of tech support calls, so heres hoping someone here might have gone through the same thing:

    I recently upgraded my SP2 from 10240 to whatever the newest version was for insiders. I had been experiencing some odd user account behavior (not being able to open certain apps, etc.) for awhile so I figured it was probably time for a factory reset and clean install/ upgrade of W10. So I backed up and set a reset (without removing files). It went through to 100% before booting up saying no changes were applied. So next I tried a reset AND removal of files. I went out to walk my dog and came back to find my computer in an endless reboot loop, with the error message :( Your PC needs to restart. Well restart it for you.).

    At this point I pulled my USB recovery drive and attempted to reset that way. No dice. Error message: There was a problem resetting your PC.. So I called tech support, did every combination of volume + power button imaginable until we had exhausted all possibilities. They then said the only option was a paid replacement, which really, really irked me some considering this was specifically a software/ upgrade failure.

    Hugely frustrating and disappointing. Has anyone else had this experience or might have ideas to contribute? Would be truly appreciated.
    08-04-2015 02:09 PM

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