1. wpguy007's Avatar
    Been having fun testing out Cortana in Windows running on my Acer W4 :)

    One caveat is that you must turn on location settings. When you run Cortana, the first thing she will show is the current location weather forecasts, alarm settings etc.

    I tried to have Cortana perform some basic calculations and it understood my perfectly.

    Then I asked about the time in several cities. Cortana provided me the times correctly. However, when I tried to ask about the time difference between cities, it just couldn't understand my sentence and kept on sending me to Bing.

    Will report more findings soon .. :)

    Anyone else care to share their experiences ?
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    08-04-2015 08:39 PM
  2. Zachary Boddy's Avatar
    Cortana has been great so far. I've submitted lots of feedback about bugs I've found and features I'd like to see like the ability for Cortana to remember conversations (for example, if you ask Cortana "Do I have any birthdays coming up?" then you can ask her to "Remind me a week before hand to go get presents."), the ability to have Cortana navigate me to system files (way easier than tediously navigating through the respective folders), and the ability to turn the PC off, restart, etc. using Cortana.
    08-04-2015 08:47 PM

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