1. TheCudder's Avatar
    I know there are plenty of people who for one reason or another, would rather manually manage their driver updates. So for those of you who aren't aware, it is possible to disable Windows 10's automatic driver update feature completely.

    1. First you will need to enter the "System" window. You can get here by right-clicking the start button and selecting "System".
    2. Click "Advanced System Settings".
    3. Click the "Hardware" tab.
    4. Click "Device Installation" settings, and select the "No, let me choose what to do" option, and you'll see the options below.

    If you want to manually control it, choose the "Never install drivers from Windows Update" option.

    08-05-2015 09:26 PM
  2. elindalyne's Avatar
    That would also prevent you from downloading things like keyboard or printer drivers.

    What they really need is to break out the drivers to things like chipset, graphics, and peripherals.
    08-05-2015 09:50 PM
  3. EspHack's Avatar
    after a while you will see drivers again ^^
    08-06-2015 02:02 AM

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