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    W10's version of File Explorer can easily get into a state where it crashes explorer almost as soon as you start it, again and again if you keep clicking it, for ~10 times or so and may then finally launch.

    This is often because 'recent' or 'frequent' file sections can get knackered if you start moving files or moving user folder locations for example. Go to file & folder options and untick both these features then relaunch file explorer. It'll work fine. Now you can go back and re-enable the options and relaunch and it has erased the old history for these features, so they will work and you can start again.

    Better than a full reinstall, right? Don't say I never give you good advice. And in that vein, install W8 as a VM in W10 and you get effectively a proper touch mode and working email! I'll be doing this v. soon.
    08-06-2015 12:04 PM

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