1. C kk's Avatar
    Or am I missing something? Just when I was excited about a successor (maybe finally a decent one) to the Media Player.... I have found no way to advance to the next video when I select 10 vids and hit play - and I do this a lot... (you know.. came back from vacation, want to watch ALL my movies, not just one). Seriously?
    08-08-2015 12:22 PM
  2. lajili salwa's Avatar
    oh my god this frustrates me so much! i loved evrything all almost about W10;, i finally downloded it... so this isssue spoiled it. secially that i have arranged files of themed music, but FILM AND TV insisted not to allow me that peasure...
    is it because i don' t have a microsoft acount (i don t want to, i m pretty used to Google account, i m too afraid the synchronisation of all my data goes wrong) and that THIS APPLICATION need the connection to that account to have access to.. I don t know! i m lost with that Groove stuff too.. now to avoid FILM AND TV when i uplowd music it s all on MP3 extention and dispite that some are media player files, other grooves aaagh
    GIVE ME A SOLUTION!! since 2015 you must have found a solution .. otherwise i ll remove that app and i m not sure W10 works exclusivly with it or not
    02-05-2016 03:04 AM

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