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    Today I'm off to shopping some stuff since one of computer fan was busted (the case fan). I'm also buy some modding stuff like thermal compund ect.

    In the shop I visited today. I saw that they still have OEM System builder for windows 7 starter. For you who doesn't know OEM System builder is a kind of windows 7 dism which allow you to instal in 1 machine but not transferable. It was intended to sold to OEM so they can ship windows together or to customer who buy a computer/laptop which never came with any OS preinstalled.

    They sold these copy ridicolously cheap as equivalent as 29$

    I brought 2 home. I instal on my dad brand new notebook and sucsefully upgraded to windows 10 home.

    Do you find it as a good deal? Try to do some shopping maybe you can get lucky as i did.

    Any simmilae experience share your though
    08-10-2015 09:41 AM

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