1. Jean_Philippe VERT's Avatar

    I did the upgrade yesterday. I have to say W10 offers few new features but does remove a lot of others:
    - People hub doesn't allow me to link Skype, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. Or the option is so hidden that I can't find it.
    - Notification center is useless. If I plug my WP, I get a nice click here to choose the action, then...nothing. Same thing with my digital camera. I have to start manually the Mobile assistant or the picture app.
    - start screen only scroll verticaly not horizontally. Which makes sens when most of the screens are in landscape mode....Give me back the W8.1 start screen.
    - Mobile assistant (or whatever is the name in English) is useless too. So I plug again my WP and then? I have to start the picture app to import files on my PC or I have to start the file explorer to load files on my phone. This is so great on a small tablet...
    - task bar displays over the start screen in full mode (wasn't on W8.1) [give me back my W8.1 start screen: II]
    - 1 icon row in the system tray instead of 2 (tell me about space optimization!)
    - No OneDrive App, really? How am I suppose to manage files on a tablet? Windows Explorer again...Yeah, again, makes sens on a touch screen device...
    - No Skype app, really? (see above)

    Those are the few things I found after a few minutes working with W10. I guess I will find other things to bug me.
    Right now I'm just thinking to roll back to W8.1.

    Am I the only one feeling W10 is some-how a regression?

    08-10-2015 02:37 PM
  2. Cruncher04's Avatar
    I consider Windows 10 a big step backwards for tablet. You forgot to mention, that the charms are gone. We cannot project content via DLNA to XBox/TV anymore, which was my most used charms feature. We cannot access app settings anymore (at least i dont know where, since charms are gone). Same with printing.
    Instead we have the desktop start bar at the bottom *facepalm*
    Oh and don't you miss Modern IE?

    And while Windows 8.1 had its own UI for tablets, Windows 10 "tablet mode" is more or less desktop icons replaced by (vertically scrolling) tiles and all Windows fixed to full-screen.

    Many of us, who are rolling back to 8.1, expressed disappointment in this thread:
    08-10-2015 04:06 PM

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