1. UncleZen's Avatar
    Created a system image and recovery disk using Macrium Reflect
    Upgraded from Win7 to Win10
    After about 1 hour it was ready to go
    Logged in, took it 10 mins to "get my account ready" blah blah
    GUI displayed, but task bar is black and has the rotating busy indicator when you hover over it with the mouse
    What icons I do have on the GUI seem responsive and seem to work. I just cannot use the computer because I cant use the task bar.
    Task manager is "Not Responding"
    This was a common issue on the preview releases by all accounts. Not much internet chatter about it on the production release. So I shall be using the Macrium Reflect recovery CD and restore my Windows 7.
    I'm not impressed. Microsoft - must try harder.
    08-12-2015 07:35 AM
  2. UncleZen's Avatar
    What no replies? It doesnt matter anyway.
    Ive used my Macrium Reflect recovery disk and restored my Win7 image.
    I'll retry in a few months when the early adopter bugs have been ironed out.
    Pretty poor show from Microsoft.
    08-12-2015 12:42 PM
  3. heresolong's Avatar
    I found a workaround on another forum but sure would like Microsoft to address this. The workaround is to restart the computer and press the F8 button during startup. Works fine but it's frustrating to have to restart in the middle of working when it quits. This has happened to me twice in the two weeks since I updated. I am planning on keeping the update but am looking forward to a fix.
    08-12-2015 10:37 PM

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