1. zorb58's Avatar
    I'm wondering if anyone with a Surface Pro 3 is having the following issues. I just want to know if these are normal or if I should try a reset or reinstallation to see if they resolve.


    1. When using as a tablet and unlocking the lock screen, the keypad for PIN input does not show until I tap the textbox where the PIN goes. This is different than Windows 8 and slightly annoying as it is an additional step

    2. When opening Firefox in tablet mode, the start screen reappears and I need to swipe from the left to see the Firefox window I just opened in Task View

    3. Finally and most annoyingly, Hey Cortana DOES NOT WORK upon waking from deep sleep or hibernation and occasionally from connected standby. It seems the microphone is not listening/prepared for input because if I go to "recording devices" in the sound control panel item, it takes a second to initialize and then Hey Cortana will work. This activity makes the feature useless and it's a shame because I would really like to use it.

    Is anyone else experiencing these issues?
    08-12-2015 03:27 PM
  2. eusty's Avatar
    1. Yes
    2. Not tried this, I was going to but I'd need to close FF, so couldn't carry on typing!!
    3. Yes something similar, sometimes. Mostly it works but like you I think it's a microphone driver type of issue.


    2. If I try to open another instance in tablet mode nothing happens, in desktop mode another instance opens.
    08-12-2015 04:21 PM
  3. Lloyd_S's Avatar
    1. Yes but not an issue
    2. I use Google Chrome or Edge, not Firefox
    3. Yes....almost always. I heard there is an issue with Cortana and almost everyone is having problems, even after addressing microphone setup
    08-18-2015 07:40 PM
  4. jasqid's Avatar
    1. yes. first annoyance i noticed too. hope its fixed soon

    2. i dont use other browsers on my sp3. cant help

    3. yep another issue ive had too.

    personally, i dont get the hype of edge. its missing so many features like favorites sync, drag\drop of files into onedrive and sharepoint...what a joke.
    08-18-2015 11:05 PM

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