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    All of a sudden with a recent update the Windows 10 Mail app was able to connect and sync with my work Exchange server. Historically, all clients outside of the full version of Outlook and iOS devices have been blocked, including Windows Phone 8.1 devices with 86000C29 error. I'm still unable to sync with windows 8.1 mail, windows phone 8.1 mail so something is different about the windows 10 mail app.

    Is the Win10 Email app using something other than active sync to synchronize with Exchange? I'm not entirely familiar with the different exchange protocols, but I do know Outlook can work with RPC over HTTPS and whatever the normal protocol is (I think MAPI).

    If so, then does anybody know if the windows phone 10 mail client will sync in a similar way to the full Windows 10 mail app? I'm holding out hope I can switch back to windows phone 10.
    08-13-2015 10:44 PM

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