02-26-2019 12:48 AM
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  1. Slayer5934's Avatar
    I made an account to try to help and give my solution. I fixed my problem by right clicking the volume button, clicking playback devices, and enabling EVERY device listed in the Playback/Recording tabs (Right click each device, enable if not already.) Then I right clicked every device listed, went to properties, advanced tab, and unchecking "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" on ALL devices except the ones without the option.

    Let me know if this helps!
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    06-15-2016 05:53 AM
  2. angussuthy's Avatar
    Hi, i'm unaware if a true solution has been posted.

    However, after some considerable time spent digging around the web, various forums etc. all people are suggesting is reverting back, that is simply not the answer. I was digging around in the realtek audio files, and discovered realtek has various apps which are installed with W10 that it conflicts with, many of these apps are uninstallable or "aftermarket". It varies with each PC, which to this day i am unaware why, I have access to 4 which i tested to make sure my information was 100% accurate.

    Although i cannot be specific on the apps/programs that conflict with Realtek, i will say the majority of 3rd party webcam software that uses the default mic and speakers will cause a conflict. Those such as manycam and splitcam. Broadcasting software is completely okay and does not cause any problems, OBS, xSplit etc. work perfectly.

    I would recommend uninstalling any audio related programs as many of these will install their own drivers.
    Please note: Spotify, iTunes and Napster cause no conflict.

    Should you need anymore advice or tutorials on how to solve this irritating problem, do not contact Microsoft,<email removed per rules>
    I really do hope this solves many of your problems and you can enjoy windows 10.

    Angus Sutherland.
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    06-23-2016 07:22 PM
  3. Hans-Joosep Hanson's Avatar

    Had the same problem and nothing worked for me. Even bought a new audio card. That is until i stumbled upon a strange suggestion: "disable unnecessary network connections (Change adapter settings)". I had six of them enabled and 2 of them in use. And when i disabled 4 - no audio problems!

    Hope it helps someone!
    08-06-2016 08:07 AM
  4. fdruid's Avatar
    I did have some audio stuttering problems right after installing Anniversary Update. It was system-wide, thought it fixed itself after a reboot. Now sometimes Cortana doesn't pick up Hello Cortana. Could it be a driver issue?
    08-07-2016 09:56 AM
  5. luanncofone's Avatar
    I am a court reporter. Got new software that works with WIN 10 and when I first started for about a month in Aug 16 the audio, recording and playback, was fine but when I did an update on Sept 5, 2016, I went to a job and the audio was all distorted, now I realize stuttering is the perfect word for it. Yesterday I did system restore to a point before that last update and ran a test and it seems to work. Will know better when I take an actual job tomorrow. Any court reporters out there having the same problem??
    09-22-2016 09:04 AM
  6. AndyCalling's Avatar
    Try testing your system latency with LatencyMon (at idle). If that's your problem (sure sounds like it) it should help you identify which driver is the cause of the problem. Don't assume it is the audio drivers, often it can be the vid card driver causing latency issues which impacts the audio driver's operation. It can be other drivers though.
    09-23-2016 06:18 AM
  7. BenIsCool's Avatar
    Find the older versions of the driver and install it. See if it works. You can always reinstall the current version.
    09-25-2016 11:56 PM
  8. stlolth's Avatar

    I can confirm that changing the Default Format option alleviated the issue in my case but has not solved it completely. I'm using Windows 8.1, Realtek onboard sound and drivers. It appears that setting the highest available format quality results in least frequent stuttering, however in my case, at the below cited selected format, the stuttering is still present at times.

    Go: Control Panel > Sound > Playback > Speakers (or your preferred sound output device) > Properties > Advanced > Here change Default Format to: 24 bit 192000 Hz (Studio Quality) > Click Apply

    New information: Choosing a lower quality Default Format - 16 bit 48000 Hz (DVD Quality) has solved the issue completely. If you are an audiophile or get a compulsive nagging sense of unease when you feel things aren't perfect, this solution might not be for you. I however am enjoying it.
    10-04-2016 03:26 PM
  9. badelhas's Avatar
    Normally this is solved if you try installing a different Realtek driver. I had this problem before and tried installing the generic realtek driver instead of the one available from my mobo manufacturer and it worked. Try it.
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    10-04-2016 06:51 PM
  10. paavop's Avatar
    I finally solved my audio stuttering problem. First of all i tried everything else and nothing seemed to work. I was pretty donezo with this problem. Downloaded latencymon- checker on my computer and it showed me that I have problems with my ACPI driver. Basicly went to device manager and under batteries I disabled my ASPI battery. God sakes it solved the problem.
    10-11-2016 06:30 AM
  11. KenSanDiego's Avatar
    This was my solution as well. After seeing all the frustration trying to solve this I just said fudge this (you can imagine what I really said) I bought that $27 soundblaster from amazon. Don't know why I even started using an onboard sound chip. guess I just got lazy. I always used to put a soundblaster in on computer builds. Oh well, learned my lesson.
    10-22-2016 12:12 AM
  12. ScottM2753's Avatar
    I had this problem as well, bad audio after the Anniversary update - tried everything, nothing worked. It was HORRIBLE! The only thing that fixed it for me was downloading and installing the generic Realtek HD Audio Driver. Now it works fine.
    10-22-2016 08:41 PM
  13. holdum333's Avatar
    Hi I have Realtech sound and internet.
    PS I'm going to make a good hand on this forum soon! A little funny tonight! I would be no one with out Google. LOL
    IMHO Realteck has went south. They will try to trick you to down load a 3rd party software to get their drivers. How sorry is that.
    Here's the only link you can trust IMHO. Shame on you Realtech. Your days are numbered! BOOO Realtech! Don't trust Realtech. If you think you need a driver update go to your manufacture. This should get me some brownie points with staff. My tip today is always get your drivers from your manufactures
    Hers a quote from Realtech site!
    Audio drivers available for download from the Realtek website are general drivers for our audio ICs, and may not offer the customizations made by your system/motherboard manufacturer. To be sure you obtain the full features/customizations provided in your original audio product, please download the latest drivers from your system/motherboard manufacturer's website.
    Attached Thumbnails capture25.jpg  
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    10-22-2016 11:45 PM
  14. KenSanDiego's Avatar
    Not a fix as such but - after wasting a ton of time chasing various different solutions to resolve this and be able to play The Division, I ended up buying a Soundblaster Audigy FX for $27 on Amazon.

    Followup. Did the exact same thing. After trying every fix suggestion i could find with no luck, I bought the $27.99 Soundblaster Audigy card from Amazon. Came today, installed and my God, what a difference. Don't know why I ever started using on-board audio. Got lazy I guess. The difference is amazing. I forgot how good my little 2.1 (stereo plus sub) speaker setup could sound. Night and day.

    Disabled on-board audio chip (called Azalia Codec) on my Gigabyte motherboard bios. Installed Soundblaster and all problems gone plus best audio i ever had on this machine.

    Do it. Quit pulling your hair out. Spend the $27.99 and say goodbye to this issue.
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    10-23-2016 07:24 PM
  15. mashipx's Avatar
    just to add guys, i have a semi pro pcie audio card using wdm and asio drivers. i too have this issue, even after setting the power management cpu state to 100% and changing the audio resolution.... its not down to your audio hardware. on board or not. its windows 10.... its just crap. my card and any other audio devies i use worked perfectly fine in windows 7. so much for windows 10 improving audio and midi performance....microsoft tried to fix something that wasnt already broken. i cant work on a single tune im creating without getting some kind of audio artifact popping up to spoil my sessions.
    windows 10 may be smooth and fast..... but at what expense????... so tempted to go apple for my music production.
    11-15-2016 04:52 PM
  16. sonu jaiswal's Avatar
    Hi guys
    As we knows windows have audio stuttering/ skipping issue while using Wi-Fi.
    Today I am happy to announce you that I fix it after long time.
    Its Wi-Fi driver issue but even you reinstall driver still issue will remain so now I am going tell you steps which I have use to fix it.

    Step 1 Extract Driver.

    Unchecked Install
    Step 2 Open device & drive and Right click on Wi-Fi card, Select update.

    Select inf file from your driver extracted folder in my case (C:\DRIVERS\WIN\WLANRLTK1\win7\RTL_Driver\Win7X64)

    Finish installation and enjoy.
    12-09-2016 09:09 AM
  17. Le Starr's Avatar
    Thank you. Very helpful post.
    12-11-2016 12:34 AM
  18. badelhas's Avatar
    Iv had that issue in several notebook windows installations and had to try several Realtek drivers until it worked. Don't ask me why but there's different drivers packages out there for the same chipset, have you tried more than one?

    12-11-2016 01:38 AM
  19. Zeppelin169's Avatar

    im using lenovo thinkpad L430 Win10 64 BIT.. and downloaded the wireless driver from here
    ThinkPad 1x1 11b/g/n Wireless LAN PCI Express Half Mini Card Adapter for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (32-bit, 64-bit), XP - ThinkPad - Lenovo Support (it is driver for win 7 64BIT)

    follow your instructions.. and works like a charm.
    01-26-2017 01:54 AM
  20. holdum333's Avatar
    Hi sorry for my ranting in post #39. The bottom line is always get your drivers from the manufacture if possible. I'm hoping MS starts doing better on their driver updates for W10, but I'm not holding my breath.
    Thanks for your reply @Zeppelin.
    01-26-2017 11:32 AM
  21. SEEK DoGG's Avatar
    This worked for me, thanks :)
    Although have fixed it before by fully removing all remnants of realtek then installing new drivers. which i guess re-enables everything aswell, just more of a hassle.
    03-14-2017 01:21 PM
  22. PedroRibeiro's Avatar
    You guys are real life savers! Had this problem for a while (Samsung NP300V Laptop) and creating a new power plan did the trick for me. Strangely enough, I tried to edit my old power plan to reflect the exact setting of the new one, but it always triggers the problem. Well, solved, anyway! Thanks!!
    04-26-2017 12:48 PM
  23. mar kan's Avatar
    You need to "Enable media streaming" in network options
    05-05-2017 09:56 PM
  24. jmitchell146's Avatar
    JUST CLOSE DOWN THE MANAGE BLUETOOTH SETTINGS WINDOW. I have been having this problem for years and just now figured this out. My audio was absolutely horrible and cut out every half a second; now there's no cut outs at all.
    05-21-2017 06:37 PM
  25. geyesborg's Avatar
    Updating my audio driver to the latest worked for me.
    05-23-2017 11:38 PM
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