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    I do not know if it is a problem of download or of configuration. All i know is that I am not able to acess wireless. I need help
    08-14-2015 09:43 AM
  2. Jordy Gatoeniksan's Avatar
    I got a simular problem

    Windows 10 installed itself but without A LOT OF DARN DRIVERS !!!

    So no internet driver.
    No display driver
    no lan driver
    no Net Frameworks ( yeah 4.5 what aint working for F* ) and 3.5 & 2.0 are impossible to install. to many error codes.

    On my tablet i have no other way of connecting to the internet.
    so what i did. i downloaded an offline driver detector / installer. Gues what !!!
    It needs Net Framework to run the program -.-*
    When i do find one that does actually start.. I got errors after scanning the device making it again impossible to install.

    So at the end. This is the history of Windows

    Till Xp your doing great.
    After Xp you guys get to wild in yo head.
    On vista you make us crazy with the crashing OS and backgrouns apps we dont need.

    then FINALY windows 7. wonderfull -- After 180 updates.

    Then we have windows 8.0 what was the biggest fail eva. so they make the 8.1 thats a lil more stable but then yet again
    it couldnt be microsoft of the F* if the Broker Service and Updating service is running your ramm to **** with the background processes.
    [ that btw everytime fail to update and then keeps trying in a loop.. eventualy going into a blue screen ]

    and now we have windows 10.

    a nice looking system that is sooooo ****ed up on all sides. that every F* time you reinstall it you just run into a different problem

    So funny if you would just think about the fact the problems we have now on windows 10,
    are problems microsoft and sofware developers have bin fixing over the past years and windows OSes.

    So now you screw us over again huh ?

    BTW you wanna call it windows service WHAHAHA.. when i go to windows website and type in my official win7 home Key to download the System Restore Disk. ???

    Its saying my code is no longer valid!!.. i thought i payed almost 300 bucks for win7 for lifetime. so how can my code not be valid anymore.

    nice i updated my tabled. and my system refuses to restore itself to windows 8 or to windows 7. Leaving me with the only option to do a clean boot.


    You probably helped me to lose my 2nd official windows license !!!!
    08-15-2015 01:24 PM

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