1. micallan_17's Avatar
    I think a lockscreen like this would be amazing while playing music, don't you guys think so? To unlock just slide up. BTW this is spotify playing on Windows 10 Mobile.

    EDIT: so weird i can see it here on system, but here is the link to it

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    08-14-2015 03:50 PM
  2. Qtweeder's Avatar
    am not seeing any images here??
    08-14-2015 04:10 PM
  3. micallan_17's Avatar
    i see it, maybe refresh?
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    08-14-2015 04:30 PM
  4. ushodax's Avatar
    nope, nothing
    08-14-2015 04:49 PM
  5. VetDuarte's Avatar

    Enviado de meu SM-N910C usando Tapatalk
    08-14-2015 04:53 PM
  6. Guytronic's Avatar
    Looks like a broken image link...
    08-14-2015 05:03 PM
  7. Jazmac's Avatar
    Let me guess. You're in high school where things like that still tantalize. lol.
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    08-15-2015 12:16 PM
  8. micallan_17's Avatar
    Not really lol, just wanted to warn
    08-15-2015 09:09 PM
  9. gpobernardo's Avatar
    Can we choose to select apps that would display detailed information? Can this support quick status icons? Would it be possible to make the time larger? Would it be possible to choose a background image provider even if music is being played? If yes to all of these, then it's a plausible lock screen layout... although the placement of the pause/play button seems a bit off since it can easily be tapped on mistakenly in an attempt to unlock the phone (by swiping up).

    The idea of interactive lock screens is attractive, so if we can choose which app would appear and we could interact with in the lock screen (similar to the current background image provider feature), e.g. a music player, but the functionality would of course be limited while under lock screen - otherwise why have a lock screen at all? - that may make things more interesting for Windows Phone users.
    08-15-2015 09:31 PM
  10. v535's Avatar
    @micallen_17: Are you saying you need a live wallpaper like on Android that works under lockscreen that exposes some functionality of an app eg. plyback controls on a music player app or video app.
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    08-16-2015 07:23 AM
  11. Joshua Jackson's Avatar
    I guess I'm missing the point...
    Windows Phone 8 gave us the ability to use the artist's picture, on the lock screen, and I never used it (maybe I would, if there were artist pictures for EVERY one of my songs).
    Granted, that option doesn't seem to be available in Windows 10.
    Also, when you turn the screen on, it shows the audio controls.
    I am all for having options, though.
    08-18-2015 11:25 AM
  12. SonOfDad's Avatar
    No, just...... no
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    08-19-2015 04:37 AM
  13. a5cent's Avatar
    What exactly is the purpose of a lock screen that has interactive elements, and therefore isn't guaranteed to really lock anything?
    Would we then need a real lock screen on top of this broken one that doesn't lock?
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    08-19-2015 05:01 AM
  14. Ma Rio's Avatar
    I agree. We don't need controls on the Lockscreen. It has a purpose of locking other controls so you don't accidentaly press any of them.
    I just want the lockscreens that were available in the app Rudy and MS pushed out. They looked prime, but worked really bad.
    I really hoped MS would include them in Win10.
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    08-19-2015 07:03 AM

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