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    I have an odd issue, this morning when I booted my Dell inspiron? 2in1 the desktop background loaded but no icons and taskbar was unresponsive. I had to power off to reboot and it appeared to be doing what appeared to be an update, with windows 10 it is difficult to detect updates, for me anyway.

    log in screen with password normal.

    It now boots to a black screen with a pointer that works my mouse is Bluetooth. In the upper left corner a dialog box appears with personalizated settings message, if I click it it says (not responding)

    cnt alt del brings up menu with an active wifi icon in lower right.

    Task manager shows normal except windows explorer (not responding)

    I can run new task from task manager and cmd prompt, just no windows.

    any ideas?
    08-14-2015 07:45 PM

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