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    There are a lot of people out there that have to pay per MB or GB for their data, or they have a monthly data cap they aren't allowed to go over. For those people, they need to control how much and when data is downloaded and/or uploaded.

    Windows Update: There are 2 reasons people want to stop Windows Updates. #1, Some people want to prevent it from using up their allotted bandwidth on a metered or capped data connection, or they want to prevent it from interfering with their internet access while they are on a slow connection. This is what this write-up is designed to assist you with. #2, Other people wish to have more control over what Windows is allowed to update, and they want to pick and choose what gets updated. If this is your issue, then see the following 2 articles: How to temporarily prevent a Windows or driver update in Windows 10 and How to defer Windows 10 updates.

    Now, to limit your data usage from Windows Update, configure your connection as metered, then, when you want to install the updates, set it as non-metered and it will update. It will not update over a metered connection. This is what I do. It also prevents the store from getting updates as well, or is for me so far. Many people will tell you to stop the Windows Update process in the task manager, but this is completely unnecessary, unless you are on a Ethernet connection that happens to be metered. This is usually due to someone having a data cap on a Satellite Internet connection, with Ethernet wiring to each PC from the router instead of wireless. Switching over to a wireless router and getting a wireless adapter for your PC could solve this issue.

    How do you set your connection as metered? First, you must be connected to the network you wish to set as metered. Open Settings, go to Network and Internet, then Wi-Fi, and then Advanced Options. Under Metered Connections, flip the switch to ON for set as metered connection.

    Unfortunately, Microsoft has not had the foresight to allow an Ethernet connection to be metered. If you have an Ethernet connection and wish to let Microsoft know that you want to allow it to be set as a metered connection, let Microsoft know in the appropriate Uservoice issue:
    Windows 10 Uservoice: Allow all network connections to be set as metered (or non-metered)
    Otherwise, you may have to convert to wireless as stated above.

    OneDrive will still sync on a metered connection. However, if you don't want to use OneDrive, it is possible to stop using OneDrive. Right click the OneDrive icon in the system tray and select "Settings". Uncheck Start OneDrive automatically when I sign in to Windows. Now, right click again and select "Exit". DONE!

    If you would like to start working with OneDrive again, simply open the start menu, type OneDrive and hit Enter to run the desktop app. You can now right-click on the desktop icon and tell it to run on Windows Startup.

    Starting and stopping OneDrive manually can be a great way to sync your files, even while your on a metered connection, and still prevent Windows Update from doing massive harm to your data usage. Perhaps you have enough data allotment for updates one month, and OneDrive syncing the next? This is for you.

    This solution for OneDrive is assured to prevent you from having problems and issues with OneDrive while not crippling part of your system in order to do it.

    Sync when you want to sync, not when Windows Wants you to sync. Update when you want to update, not when Windows wants you to update.

    These methods allow me to keep my mobile data, which is shared with my Windows 10 laptop, under control. I simply travel to hook up to free Wi-Fi every couple of weeks or so to get all the syncing and updating done for my laptop.
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    Actually, using your other sticky thread to map OneDrive as a network drive allows you the added option to right click the OneDrive icon in the system tray and "Unlink OneDrive" from the settings. You still have access on your PC (as a mapped network drive), but even more control over what you upload as it would always be manual placement rather than folder sync.
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    That's an annoying thing about this new improved OneDrive. You copy something into a OD folder, it will sync it back to all devices that sync this folder whether you like it or not. So you have mandatory and very hectic updates downloading, OneDrive syncing, OS sending anything marketable about you to the HQ. One has to wonder if the user has any bandwidth left for their own purposes.
    08-23-2015 08:51 AM
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    Microsoft doesn't collect your data for marketing. You're confusing it with Google. OneDrive only syncs the folders you TELL it to sync, which can be specified differently for every device you own. You can control that bandwidth. Especially if you map OneDrive as a network folder and don't sync anything.

    Don't like the updates downloading all the time? They aren't all that often, and only download while you aren't using the bandwidth. Still you can control that a bit as well by setting your connection as metered, and there are several other options there as well.

    I really don't see your issues being anything to worry over at all. Misconceptions from reading media hype where media is just trying to use scare tactics to improve their viewership and/or readership.
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