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    W10 pro, in place upgrade, the in built msn weather app just opens a white square and instantly closes displaying NO info in the short period it stays open, anyone else seen this, all other apps working correctly

    i have un installed it with the commeand line, re installed via store, i have checked firewall and it is allowed through, the msn weather app tile displays correct info but if i click the tile or shortcut it appears and disappears ??

    anyone ??

    to add insult to injury i have just burned through 2 tech support jokers who were clueless ?? the first one read my issues and disconnected me, the second one was allowed remote access and the then disconnected me while running a sfc ?? i guess the script in front of them didnt cover actual issues, one thing is for certain i wont be allowing remote access again, and on the sfc note, it found 2 errors which it auto repaired but nothing to do with weather, one was speech in the store and the other i think said about ownership of a file somewhere, apart from that a clean bill of health

    Ok so troubleshooting this my way it appears to be a Cortana issue somewhere, as mentioned the tile and shortcut display a white square briefly and then it closes with no info displayed BUT if i use Cortana, the top item is weather, click that to expand the area and there is a shortcut " see more in MSN weather " this opens the MSN weather app and it displays info which i have never seen before ... hazaaa you would think, no actually not really as the window closes again within seconds, but at least i briefly got to see info

    so next was to trace the actual weather app ... not that easy to achieve but if you create a shortcut on the desktop of the app and go look at its properties you can find its full system file name, a cursory search on my machine found it or at least the folder that matched the shortcut file name and here lies a complete mystery, i would have expected to find the app or its components in a windows folder somewhere... no, not on my system ! somehow os app folders ( IT APPEARS ) have been created in a desktop folder simply named desktop\newfolder\removable disk\wpsystem\apps\windowsapps\microsoft.bingweather_3.1.4.438_arm_ wooooo hang on ... ARM !!! and there is where the issue lies, for whatever reason my system has created a W10 pro msn weather app shortcut pointing towards an ARM app meant for a phone and backed up from a phone ?? go figure, now all i have to do is figure out how to sort it out

    removed and re-installed graphics driver ( nvidia ) no change
    removed the Bing app package, re installed weather, no change
    re- registered app packages from power shell, Windows 10 - Some metro apps not working. - Microsoft Community
    No change

    I gave up chasing issues around Pcs a long time ago... i remember why now, i now use my own app, turn head - look out window
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    08-16-2015 03:26 AM
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    issue resolved

    It was a USB connected tablet stopping the weather app from opening, remove the tablet and the weather app works a treat
    08-25-2015 03:27 PM
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    Mine does EXACTLY the same thing!

    I can't use Cortana.. not supported by ASUS All-in-one computer. But your description is exact!

    Sorry I don't have solution. Will be interested to follow this thread!:
    06-22-2016 05:39 PM

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