1. 3DPiper's Avatar
    My daughter's Windows 10 updated on her Surface Pro 2, and the latest version doesn't seem to have a regular desktop..? Just live tiles that scroll up/down..
    Where did the desktop go?
    08-17-2015 07:54 PM
  2. SamJHannan's Avatar
    Sounds like tablet mode is on, I can't remember how to toggle it without windows 10 in front of me, but give it a quick bing search.
    08-17-2015 08:14 PM
  3. _Emi_'s Avatar
    Go to action center, the button or swipe left the right edge of the screen. and just turn tablet mode off.

    the point is why would you want a desktop on a tablet? the apps will launch fullscreen and such. but of course you can turn it off whenever you want. that's what Microsoft talked about and showed for months about how if you plug your keyboard it will ask you to turn tablet mode off, and when you unattached the keyboard it would ask you if you want tablet mode on or off.

    another way it's to go to File Explorer and pin desktop to the start screen and have the icon available if you need to access that folder.
    you could also create its own shortcut by using explorer.exe c:\users\username\desktop and then you pin it to the taskbar. so it won't be a pinned folder on File explorer icon.
    08-17-2015 08:31 PM
  4. 3DPiper's Avatar
    Thank you very much for the info!

    the point is why would you want a desktop on a tablet?

    I think she was just used to Win10 the way it was..
    08-17-2015 09:13 PM

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