1. Raymond Sokn's Avatar
    I downloaded Windows 10 updated it to my Samsung laptop 9 Serie.

    Now my touchpad do not work, I can not scroll with two fingers on my Samsung touchpad, or zoom, next page, right click.....

    Info on my laptop:
    Samsung laptop 9 Serie
    Serie nr: HUY891GC500131Z

    What can I do to get this back?

    My W8.1 Samsung laptop 9 Serie drivers for touchpad, do not work with W10
    08-18-2015 12:45 AM
  2. Raymond Sokn's Avatar
    Do you have
    Samsung laptop 9 Serie

    And touchpad still working?

    Is just something in settings?
    08-18-2015 06:19 PM
  3. bonskibon37's Avatar
    Check to see if your drivers are updated... You may find them at Samsung site.
    08-18-2015 06:59 PM
  4. bonskibon37's Avatar
    Samsung Series 9 NP900X4C-A04US (NP900X4C) Drivers Download - Update Samsung Software You can check here... Haven't checked that website myself.. first one I found. The official Samsung site may have them.
    08-18-2015 07:00 PM
  5. Raymond Sokn's Avatar
    I have been samsung`s web page, here(that`s official site?)

    But there are no updates since 2012, all say Update Software (Firmware) ver.x.x.x.x - Windows 7 / Windows 8 , nothing to Windows10

    There are no more updates from windows 10, even inside driver Device manager
    08-19-2015 12:32 AM
  6. bonskibon37's Avatar
    Do you use a wireless mouse? If so do you have a ASUS smart Gesture software installed? If you have that software installed check to see that your touchpad is not disabled when a mouse is used.capture.png
    08-19-2015 05:43 AM
  7. Raymond Sokn's Avatar
    Did all new again, with clean install of W10, delete all old ****, and updated windows driver after.

    Now all working :-)

    Thanks for help!
    bonskibon37 likes this.
    08-19-2015 11:40 AM
  8. bonskibon37's Avatar
    Great... glad it's all working for you now.
    Raymond Sokn likes this.
    08-19-2015 12:02 PM

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