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    Hi everyone,

    I've made some tests across my devices and for what I could understand/guess, the issue is related specifically with my Microsoft account.

    I'm currently using 3 devices (Win10) and 1 Windows Phone 8.1 and the problem is occurring in all Windows 10 devices, when I use the mail and people apps. In the mail app, the error always occur when I try to sync manually my inbox (note: even with the error pop-up message, the app syncs up properly). In the people app, I don't get any error/pop-up message when I try to sync up, but my account is always in a "attention required" state.

    Curiously, it seems that even with the error, both mail and people apps are working and syncing properly with all my accounts. For example, I tried to create a contact in my Windows Phone and it syncs up nicely to all my devices. The error only occurs when I force a manual synchronization of my main Microsoft account, in both apps on Windows 10.

    If I disconnect my Microsoft account in one of the devices and start using a local account, I don't have any errors or issues using both apps, which takes me to the following question:

    Is there a way to check / verify a Microsoft account integrity / settings? Maybe this has something to do with broken connections or settings (linked accounts, old facebook connector) affecting my Microsoft account? Thanks in advance.

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    08-20-2015 12:44 AM
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    I have a problem on the listed devices!
    Lumia 950 (no windows insider) 10586.164 windows 10
    Lumia 1020 windows 8.1 last update
    Lumia 925 windows 8.1 last update
    Lumia 820 windows 8.1 last update
    I've done all and the problems still exists;
    -synchronized outlook (settings, email+ac... ) error 0x80070490
    -soft reset error 0x80070490
    -remove the battery (not on lumia 1020 and 925) error 0x80070490
    -I did a hard reset, and afther all good (apps, mails...), contacts sync error 0x80070490
    So, last hope is WDRT (windows device recovery tool), ok! I tried that, with all my devices, and start from beginning... region, user mail, password... on all my lumias!!! Synchrnized all... apps, mails.. but contacts still have same error code 0x80070490.
    So, this is all about you MS!!!
    03-28-2016 03:16 AM

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