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    Its really weird, its just randomly happens my take 1 min or 2 hours to happen from when I turn on my computer. Videos load but it just doesn't play even if you press play or skip to any part of a video and after 5-10 seconds when the video is supposed to play the plugin stops responding. Even if I switch browsers from Firefox to Microsoft edge or even chrome, the same thing happens. I also tried re installing adobe flash but still no luck. The only way I have found to fix this is to restart, usually the first time doesn't work only the second. But then it randomly happens again making me have to restart again and again and again super annoying and this problem has been occurring for about a week, even tho I have upgraded since to windows 10 since the release date on the 29th.
    08-20-2015 07:24 PM
  2. Needhelpwithwin10's Avatar
    I am having the same issues... does anyone know how to resolve this?
    08-21-2015 02:14 AM
  3. Russ Gibbins's Avatar
    click on the gear in Internet exploreer . upper.right hand corner ....go down to internet options click on it..when it opens ....click on the advance tab and check Use Hardware Rendering....now click apply at the bottom and ok.....You will be able to watch videos in edge and internet explorer and as well as microsoft store
    09-11-2015 03:09 PM

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