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    I downloaded Windows 10 just after midnight on July 29. I was excited to get Windows 10--but I ran into too many problems.

    Things just didn't work properly. I couldn't access the store or the Apps that came with Windows 10. I finally got Cortana working (she forced me to change my password to my Microsoft account). OK, at least she's with me now.

    I had incredible problems with searches on the internet with Edge. I brought up IE and still had the same search problems. To top it off, the Feedback channel didn't work. I felt like I was on a desert island; alone and frustrated.

    Don't get me wrong, I loved what I saw in Windows 10. It is a clear improvement over everything we've used--when it works.

    I bought a new wireless router and still got error messages. Windows 10 seemed to be screwing up my entire home network.

    Oh, I discovered that my Brother Printer will not have Windows 10 friendly software until November. I admit I never thought of it, but I never saw anyone mention it. Since I was the one to set the printer up on the network, it was continuously offline-- it knocked it out for everyone!

    I discovered that I could go back to Windows 7 Home Premium if I did it within 30 days of downloading Windows 10--so I did it. I had to reinstall the Printer but now everything on my computer and on my home network is working fine.

    I think Microsoft could be a bit more transparent. They have millions of users. What would it hurt to send us all a global email, tell us the specific problems they are working on and when it will be safe to try Windows 10 again.

    I want Windows 10--I just don't want all of the problems.
    08-21-2015 01:19 AM
  2. rhapdog's Avatar
    There are still some problems with Windows 10 that will keep me from upgrading my wife's laptop. I'm loving Windows 10 on mine, but they are problems I can live with and I love testing new software that isn't ready yet. For someone that just needs everything to work, there will be too many aggravations still.

    From what I understand, there will be another large update in October. Not positive of that, as it is just a rumor I've heard. However, I plan on waiting until December or January to upgrade other PCs for my family.

    Microsoft did decide to release Windows 10, but I honestly think they should have waited a bit longer. Problem is, so many people were complaining about having to wait, and Microsoft was dying a little bit every day that Windows 8/8.1 was still on the market.

    I think Windows 10 SP2 is going to be an awesome product. ;)
    08-21-2015 08:51 AM

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