1. John55bt's Avatar
    I have new Hp Desktop computer with windows 10 home 64 bit. And have not notice this since last night. When shutting down my computer for the night. Computer monitor light stays on is this normal ? Thank you for any help on this. imageuploadedbywindows-central-forums1440306229.118403.jpg
    08-23-2015 12:03 AM
  2. rhapdog's Avatar
    This is completely normal. The "shutdown" procedure only shuts off power to the main PC, but it is unable to control the power switch located separately on the monitor. Software cannot flip a hardware switch.

    However, this is a good thing as well. The monitor, when detecting "no signal" from the computer, will put itself to sleep in a very low power state. It uses such a small amount of power, you'd have difficulty measuring how much is used. However, by using this small amount of power, it is able to turn itself back on faster when you power on the computer.

    My monitor has an orange light that stays on when there's no power, which turns blue when I turn on the computer. Perfectly normal.

    Hope you enjoy the new system!
    08-23-2015 08:22 AM
  3. John55bt's Avatar
    Hi Rhapdog

    Thank you for the reply back. I got really nervous about it. I was going to call Hp support today. I just never noticed it till last night. Thank you again have a good day
    rhapdog likes this.
    08-23-2015 09:18 AM

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