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    So 2 days ago I had a driver error on my Win TP build 10525. I tried to fix it and the laptop wouldn't reboot. I grabbed a USB stick plugged it into another laptop running win 10 but was upgraded from win 7 instead of the 8.1.

    it loaded windows and all that but the settings page said it wasn't activated and I am like WTF are you kidding me and the horrible water mark about activating it stuck with the screen for 2 days. When I tried to recover the image it didn't show the option in the recovery environment I think it was because of the USB stick I used earlier created with the other laptop. I rang the support group and they said that the key magical jelly bean found was a kinda generic one which was installed with the Techincal preview. I created a usb with Media creation tool and tried the 8.1 as the MS agent on the phone said was the only option as I didn't have the key for the 8.1. That didn't work as I need the product key which by the way is somewhere in the backup image and recovery drive that I created. I couldn't find a solution to look it up so in the end I got the produkey which extracted the OEM product key from the BIOS which checked out fine with the USB stick but an error would stop it from loading windows 10.

    Then I remembered that the guy (Rohan) told me that I need a key which would check out with the system if he had to help me.

    I requested a call back and what are the freakin odds that Rohan that I spoke to 25 hours ago remembered my name and the issue that I had with the install. I gave him the OEM key from BIOS and he said all I had to do was install the Win 10 as an upgrade from windows site and it will read the OEM key on its own and get windows 10 installed.

    So obviously to me it means that all the people around the world who had the TP tp begin with and got the 10240 and stopped the preview don't actually have the actual upgrade. All they have is the remaining parts after quitting the Insider preview, which begs the question, Will I get the upgrade prompt if I am in preview or not. You will not. If your OS was originally OEM or you installed win 7 or 8.1, if you get the TP you need to install from the site https://forums.windowscentral.com/e?...token=Cfs1hvpZ and select your version of 32 or 64 bit and then select upgrade. Leave the rest to the system to work on.

    Heads up. Ensure your drivers are up to date ( advised by Rohan) It also means you don't have to roll back and forth between your 7 or 8.1 to 10 everytime you have some error.

    P.S edit

    I was kinda overwhelmed with the results after struggling for 2 days so if you have any questions about this relief posted above please quote me and I will try and help
    08-23-2015 03:56 AM

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