1. brunsta's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Participated in the insider previews for W10 on my Surface Pro 3 and shortly after W10 launched, my surface updated to W10 Pro. I had an update come through today and after a looooong install, I am back to insider preview v 10525.... What the???

    Anyone else have same issue?

    08-26-2015 04:42 AM
  2. drtek's Avatar
    You are going to continue to have that issue until you disable the Insider Builds or remove yourself permanently from the program.
    08-26-2015 05:21 AM
  3. Clohde's Avatar
    why ? what did we do wrong ? I downloaded the insider program from microsoft website and used the insider key provided by microsoft...
    01-12-2016 08:52 PM

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