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    I was so happy! Free upgrade to Windows 10! Yay!

    Then the harsh reality of incompatibility set in...

    I'm running Widows 7 Home 64 on a HP Pavillion 6000 series with upgraded Nividia graphics card.

    So after the first epic failure of the morning after the little pop up window says "Great, you're ready to upgrade"... Got about 50-60% done, black screen, white cursor and stuck... I called Microsoft.

    The tech remoted into my computer, checked all of my updates, registry, etc... and away we went... By the way, this took 3 hours

    So everything is updated, I have a Microsoft tech remoting in on my desk top to push this through, this update was gonna happen!

    Wrong! Got about 60% this time, the tech was done with his 8 hour shift and left... It was almost 6:00 pm CST and I'd started this at 9:00 am... Got the black screen with white cursor and the you fail! error message from the MS10 update with the error code in the subject line above.

    Why does this keep happening? If anyone finds a fix for this, please post!
    08-26-2015 10:26 AM

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