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    Hi - I have purchased a few songs on Windows 10 store and pressed download to have them on my PC for offline listening / transferring to MP3 player. However, although a blue box appears in the top right corner of the screen in Groove Music telling me the number of songs I have selected are downloading, nothing changes and they do not download.

    After a few tries and re-setting my Data Cache in IE, a Music Cache folder & Downloading Folder appeared in my Music Folder, and files have appeared with long number/letter strings, which can only be the songs I purchased. However I can do nothing with these files as I do not know which are which (i.e. create folders for each artist/album). I know Groove Music does this in the app, but I would like to identify them in the folder for when I want to play them on my MP3 player.

    What am I doing wrong?


    08-28-2015 03:14 AM

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