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    My friend has a problem logging into Win10 so he can't ask this question himself, so I'm posting this thread in the hope that someone can help get him back into his PC. Unfortunately he doesn't know what he's done to get into this position so bear with me if those details are sketchy!

    Win 10 upgrade done a week or so ago with no issues. He tried to login to his PC yesterday but he believes his login email account has changed from a btinternet.com account to a live.co.uk account which he may have set up years ago so couldn't remember his password. He used his phone to request a new password but when he entered this he received the message that he'd have to wait 30 days to use it - this waiting period seems to me to correspond to a request to use an alternative email address.

    However, the problem remains that he can't login to his PC because he can't change the default account on his login screen from live.co.uk back to btinternet.com - any ideas how to get around this?
    09-02-2015 10:57 AM

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