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    Ereader apps. RE: latest Barnes and Noble numbers aren't good, especially there flagging Nook ebook platform. I'm invested in the nook platform a bit more than most (get the occasional comic book from there, a handful of books), and it's pleasant. But failing.
    And I have no desire to feed the Amazon platform.
    Years ago MS invested (and has since divested) in the Nook platform. I was hopeful that Microsoft would eventually just purchase that whole division outright. That's no longer a thing I'm betting.
    What are the chances of some Microsoft branded/developed ebook platform? Microsoft has music, movies, and video games... they're missing out on rounding out the media pickings without a book front these days (imo, I guess). And again, not that it's a driving reason per se, but I'm not an Amazon person.
    Any musings? Thoughts? Hopes that Microsoft might pick something up that'll "patch" this? Or are ebooks more niche than I think (or, too niche for MS to be concerned about)?

    Looking forward to responses,

    From: Someone Wanting to Read
    09-11-2015 01:46 AM

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