1. bo_woods's Avatar
    Is there a way to run Mac OSX in Windows 10. I know the vice versa is possible, but how about the other way around?

    I don't want it to replace Windows 10. I just want to be able to run it on the side, maybe in a window that can toggle full screen?

    (I want it to run iMovie btw. All the free video editing apps for Windows suck imho, and I can't get Adobe Premiere right now. Sony Movie Studio is what I have but the resolution output is limited. So no rendering of video past 1080p. Other than that it is great software.)
    09-20-2015 09:11 PM
  2. vipme's Avatar
    i think it should be possible by using a virtual machine like VMware

    VMware Documentation for OS X 10.10

    09-20-2015 09:18 PM

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