1. ErJaspreetSingh's Avatar
    I want to reserve a Windows 10 copy but I dont have W10 icon.

    I tried to update windows but some updates failed.

    I have Windows 7 Ultimateuntitled.png
    09-24-2015 11:11 PM
  2. realwarder's Avatar
    09-24-2015 11:36 PM
  3. ErJaspreetSingh's Avatar
    It will create iso ??

    if i I upgrade my windows from iso data will be deleted?
    09-25-2015 12:13 AM
  4. dbelleman's Avatar
    it gives you the option to upgrade which keeps your personal files
    09-25-2015 12:43 AM
  5. ErJaspreetSingh's Avatar
    setup is running progress is 3%.

    when will it ask ?
    09-25-2015 12:48 AM
  6. dbelleman's Avatar
    after you download it and run it
    it will give you 2 options

    upgrade this pc now and
    create installation media
    ErJaspreetSingh likes this.
    09-25-2015 12:56 AM
  7. dbelleman's Avatar
    also make sure you download the correct one.
    64bit system
    09-25-2015 12:59 AM
  8. ErJaspreetSingh's Avatar
    yeah im downloading 64bit.

    Thank You very much Bro
    09-25-2015 01:03 AM
  9. dbelleman's Avatar
    no problem
    09-25-2015 01:05 AM
  10. ErJaspreetSingh's Avatar
    One Question More..

    If I create a installation Media and Install it from CD or USB ? It gonna erase my data ?

    because I have not much speed at home.
    09-25-2015 01:12 AM
  11. dbelleman's Avatar
    when you create install media and run it from what you created it will still give you the option to upgrade.

    Read each step carefully as you go and you'll be fine
    ErJaspreetSingh likes this.
    09-25-2015 01:25 AM

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