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  1. paladyr's Avatar
    A few weeks back on my Surface Pro 3, I was able to view my desktop and have the tablet style on screen keyboard popup in text fields. Now if I'm in desktop mode, windows does not load the tablet style on screen keyboard when touching an input box and the keyboard icon is gone from the systray. If I'm in tablet mode, the keyboard works like it should, but I'm not able to click on a show desktop icon somewhere. Is there a way to be able to see my desktop *and* use the tablet style keyboard that auto-pops up?

    Also in chrome, I am unable to click anything except the X button to close it.

    So far I'm regretting my upgrade to windows 10!
    09-25-2015 10:43 AM
  2. _Emi_'s Avatar
    There is a reason why "tablet mode exists". end.... why do you want to use something like "desktop icon" when you can just put your desktop icons pinned to start screen and treat it it like the desktop for tablets it is?
    what benefits are you getting from having desktop instead of using the start screen to launch apps?

    I am sorry but it doesn't make sense to "regret upgrading to windows 10" only because it doesn't do what YOU want. because it's hard to understand why "omg I can't click desktop and go there, tablet mode sucks" .

    if you want to access the on screen keyboard (like anyone can) just right click on the taskbar and tell Windows to always have it on taskbar. you only right click it and Show touch keyboard is there, which anyone on a laptop, desktop, touch or not touch can pin to taskbar.
    if you want to use Windows on a tablet, and have access to desktop and use apps on window mode and move then around then you have to pop up the keyboard manually.
    and if you want keyboard to work as it should on a tablet mode then just pin Desktop folder to start screen and access it that way if you want. or pin your desktop icons to start screen, name the group desktop and be happy.

    and Chrome sucks, I don't know what "I am unable to click anything except the X button to close it." means, but Chrome is not exactly the best browser around.
    09-25-2015 12:16 PM
  3. paladyr's Avatar
    I frequently remote desktop into other machines on my network, so I keep the RDP icons on my desktop. I also copy files from my servers to my desktop for easy access. I don't believe there is a way in "tablet mode" to do this as easily as I just described. If there is, feel free to enlighten me. Here is the current process using the surface with desktop:

    1. RDP into server
    2. Download file to server
    3. Copy file
    4. Right click desktop (which I can already see behind the RDP connection) and paste
    5. Open file on Surface

    What would that look like in "tablet mode?" Here's what I'm currently doing:

    1. Click desktop toolbar to expand
    2. Open RDP connection to server
    3. Download file to server
    4. Copy file
    5. Open explorer
    6. Click folder I want to save to
    7. Paste file
    8. Open file on Surface.

    Unless I am missing something, that is 3 extra steps, which might not annoy you but annoys me as I'm a software developer and I don't make a habit out of making things MORE difficult for users. So hopefully you can tell me how to perform the same task in 5 steps or less.

    I checked "show touch keyboard" while in tablet mode, but when I switch to desktop mode it disappears. Is there a way to make it stay? I also enabled the desktop toolbar which shows the icon on my desktop.

    Also chrome is great. I literally cannot interact with the application at all on my surface pro any longer. I can't click on links, I can't click on the address bar to type an address, I can't do anything inside chrome. The only thing I can do is click the X to close it. That's a problem.

    So yea, so far regretting the decision to upgrade to Windows 10.
    Last edited by paladyr; 09-25-2015 at 01:05 PM.
    09-25-2015 12:40 PM
  4. paladyr's Avatar
    Okay so I'll take the deafening silence as I'm right, windows 10 has made it more cumbersome to do what I want to do. Bummer
    09-27-2015 06:29 PM
  5. mggm100's Avatar
    I don't recall doing anything to make this happen, but when in desktop mode, there is an icon in the System Tray that activates the touch keyboard. If you don't see it, it must get there through a setting. If so, maybe someone else will remember how to find it.
    09-29-2015 07:23 PM

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