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    I have searched forums and google.. I'm not even sure where to turn next. I hope someone in this community can help.

    I have an earthlink.net (POP) email account.
    This is the name I used for my Microsoft or Outlook account.
    I linked Outlook.com to my earthlink account.
    Now I have added this one account (earthlink) to my (Android) phone and my Windows 10 tablet (Thinkpad 10).
    First problem is that the default account that I use to sign into Windows is my earthlink address but it NEVER syncs in the email client. I had to add a separate (pop) account for it to even retrieve an email when sent.
    Second, when I do receive an email it shows up on both my tablet and my phone... for a short time but then disappears but sometimes if phone is off or hasn't synced I don't even get an alert. Even deleted from within the Earthlink web mail.
    All these emails sit untouched on the Outlook.com inbox which I'm not able to sync with either phone, tablet or desktop computer.
    This had been going on before the upgrade to Windows 10 but now with the deletion its even worse since the upgrade.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.. and thanks in advance.
    09-28-2015 10:29 PM
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    So i'm talking to myself but for the good of the thread and in case anyone else might have a problem... I was able to resolve this using earthlink chat support.

    1) Since Outlook is where the messages are to arrive - both on phone & tablet I needed to use the Outlook.com server settings --> imap-mail.outlook.com
    2) Make sure to click within the Outlook.com settings --> "leave a copy on the server".
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    09-29-2015 09:08 AM

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