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    Hi everyone, so this is an issue I've been experiencing for quite a while, i think since 8.1 was released, and that's the duplication of Facebook Birthday listing in the Windows Phone calendar app and now Outlook calendar app on Win 10 Mobile. It started off as a few contacts here and there having 2 entries, and seems to be snowballing into a ridiculous number of duplicates (think 10+ and different per person, some even up to 20, growing over time).

    Now i assume this is solely to do with the facebook integration as disabling that on the outlook calendar for win10m completely removes all birthday listings... Now going over to the supposedly same app on win 10 desktop, it lists all birthdays correctly with one entry per person, and as theres no options of facebook integration that i can see in the desktop app, im assuming its linked directly with my windows account. Which i would then assume would mean i could use that calendar app on my phone....

    But no, on outlook for win10m, enabling birthdays on my windows account shows nothing at all.

    Ideally fb integration would work properly so that new contacts get updated to my calendar automatically on phone/desktop (as newer people's birthdays aren't listed on the desktop app). But even working around that, whatever birthday calendar the desktop app is accessing is not showing up on my phone...

    So does anyone understand whats going on or know of any fixes to FB duplication or why my microsoft account birthday thing isnt showing up on phone...

    Cheers for any help (running latest preview builds and app versions for all things listed)

    Heres an image of the number of dupes.

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