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    After my Win 10 install (64 bit over Win7 64 bit) my LG Blu-Ray burner is no longer being recognized by the BIOS. While I'm trying to scratch up the CD/DVD burner it replaced (where did I put ... 😐) does anyone have a Blu-ray running under Win 10 that they're willing to recommend as a replacement?
    10-01-2015 07:19 PM
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    So I opened the box and found that the optical drive SATA cable had come loose from the MB.
    The 2 HDD cables have clips to secure them to the MB SATA connectors, the others, the optical (BluRay) and the ESATA connector do not.
    I re-inserted the connector and now the BIOS IDs the BluRay correctly. But ... Device Manager does not! Probably because the BluRay was not sensed during the Win 10 install. I ran the Check for New Hardware 3x but that didn't pick up the Optical. (Why not anyway?😠)
    While researching my problem I ran across a discussion about deleting the Device Manager entries and re-running it to pick up changes. I will have to redo that search.
    Another possibility would be to install an SSD as the boot device. I do have another (the 6th) SATA connector open on the MB. If I get an SSD can I do a re-install of Win 10 on the SSD with the BluRay sensed by the BIOS and get a quicker boot _and_ the utility of the BluRay as a result?
    10-04-2015 05:54 PM
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    Got it to work.
    Finally got Device Manager to "see" and display the Blu Ray burner.
    Just why was this thing is so hard to research and fix?
    The fix was a combination of a Registry edit from the "Microsoft Community" website _and_ (!) a manual edit of the lines in Device Manager.
    I did not know that, manual edit, was something that could be accomplished. More details in next.
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    10-05-2015 07:03 PM
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    The first thing I did was an Internet research looking for detail fixes for - Device Manager does not see a DVD/CD-ROM when one is present.

    There were a number of text streams that gave accounts of users struggling with the same phenomenon under Win7x, 8x and 10.
    And I noticed one curious thing - that other users were also noting that Device Manager did not display a DVD/CD-ROM entry and mostly their statement (no entry in Device Manager) was being ignored in the discussion. Curious. Maybe it doesn't matter?
    Also I was unable to find an explanation of what should/would be listed in Device Manager and how the entries actually relate to Hardware.

    So edit the registry and edit the Device Manager is the fix.

    Registry fix is (under Win10 64 bit) right click the window icon in the lower left corner and select "Command Prompt (Admin)". Then enter this string - (it's probably crucially important to get the characters, quote marks AND the spaces correct, you have been warned😨) (I would think and study and rethink what you are about to do first!)
    reg.exe add "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Controller0" /f /v EnumDevice1 /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00000001

    Then the Device Manager fix was to select and delete, the last or bottom entry(s) of the Controller list. Then do a restart.

    After a looooonnnnng start up Device Manager now displays a DVD/CD-ROM line and it works, I can burn a disk.

    10-05-2015 07:41 PM

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