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    Well, today Candy Crush Soda Saga came out in the Store, so I try to download it in my Laptop with Windows 10. In the download, the electricity fail in the entire street, so my Internet failed too, and the download get stucked, and I didn't wait to everything came back to normal, so I turn off my Laptop and go out to do other bussines.

    I return in the night, everything working fine, so I try to download it again, and the app was still stuck in the download, so I cancell the download and start it again. The app finished downloading and installing, and the first thing I notice was that the app wasn't show in the "All Apps" list in the Start Menu, but I can open it directly from the Store. Play some puzles and the app crash and close itself, but when I try to find it again in the "All Apps" list, it wasn't there yet, but the Store says I have it installed. Restarted my Laptop, and it was shown in the "Most Recent" list, so try to uninstall it and it does that, so I try to install it again from the Store, and still doing the same thing. Try to download another app (Duolingo) and everything worked like it should work.

    So, what should I do? Or, best question is, what can I do?

    Thanks for the time reading that wall text back there with my not so good english.
    10-02-2015 12:22 AM

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