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    Ok, so we read the news today about CBS All Access being in the Windows store now. E.g. App Partners & Windows 10 | Windows Experience Blog

    But when you go into the Store and search for it, "CBS All Access", what do you get?


    When is Microsoft going to FIX the Store search. So many apps remain unfound because of this bug.
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    10-06-2015 04:16 PM
  2. mrpuny's Avatar
    I agree this is a dumb bug. Since the app name is just CBS, and you entered "cbs all access", it should fall back at least to showing all the "CBS..." apps if it doesn't have the necessary metadata to determine that the CBS app is what you're looking for.

    To be fair, the Win10 store search is better than Win8.x. I've been flashing phones between W10M preview builds and stock Win Phone 8.1, and at one point I wanted to download the Flixster app after flashing back to 8.1. Typed in "flixster" and got nothing. I had that momentary "OMG, another app got pulled!" moment, and then decided to search some more. I found that if I typed "Flixster" (with a capital F) it came up, but not if I typed it with a lower case f. The best part is that if I started typing the name with a capital F: "Flix.....", the suggestions list would show "flixster" with a lower case f. Selecting that got the "no app found" message. Grrrrr. At least the Win10 store seems to get that right. But absolutely they still have fixing to do.
    10-06-2015 07:51 PM

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