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    Hello, I just did a new pc build from scratch. Here are the specs -
    GPU: saphire r9 390
    CPU: 8 core amd 3850
    MOBO: asus m5a99x evo 2.0
    Samsung 250g ssd

    So i installed windows 10 on it and man is this gawd awfully slow. I think there may be an issue, hardware is running fine, nice and quiet, only thing is the OS is running on windows 10. First off, my OS was installed on my 250g ssd (should be super fast) but not only did the install take 3 hours but it takes forever to boot up (like 5-10 minutes). Everything i do or click on stops responding, takes 2 minutes to bring up the internet, its taking forever for everything. This is the slowest thing i have ever worked on. I looked at my drivers cause i was thinking it might be my drivers (which idk why it would make it THIS slow) but i checked anyway. The only thing listed in display drivers is the windows basic driver. i managed to get to the driver website and took about 20 minutes. downloaded the drivers and cant seem to install it (cause it doesnt even recognize the amd gpu). Any help? I have no idea why this is so slow. It was an expensive computer.
    10-08-2015 12:15 PM
  2. jizwizard's Avatar
    Try running memtest to check your ram is ok first.
    10-08-2015 12:38 PM

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