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    I revved up my W10 test disk for the monthly or so update today, the store being bloody slow with updates aside the app sizes seem far to large for the role they achieve. Movie & TV is 40 meg, Grove another 60 by contract the VLC store app is 45 meg performing the roles that Microsoft split. Alarms and Clock is 23 meg by comparison Alarms in 8.1 is 25k. If the store were actually responsive these apps would download without noticing but since on both desktop and mobile editions I need to open the store and have it list the number of updates rather than auto updating as is set I waited while everything was downloaded and installed. I'm really not sure why such simplistic apps need to be so large.

    Also if apps are "universal" why does Windows 10 have Mail and Calendar yet Windows 10 mobile has Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar?
    10-09-2015 05:56 AM

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